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Dried Flower Bauble

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Please read this information before purchasing to ensure you get a better understanding when purchasing.

Blooming Sanzi (pronounced Sarn-zi) is proud to bring you our all new luxe dried flower baubles! These pieces are such a gorgeous addition to any Christmas tree and are made to suit any style you have this Christmas.

These baubles are complete shatterproof, toddler proof and pet proof. Our goal this year was to offer our customers luxe shatterproof baubles, this takes away the stress of the sentimental pieces being broken by the little ones.

These baubles are 8cm.

Purchasing the one bauble, it will come in a small one box.

Please note, by purchasing you understand that these are a pre order, first pre orders will close September 15th be sent around September 20th, arriving to you months before Christmas in time to put the tree up.

If you would like to add a personalised sticker to your bauble, you can find the option to add on in our Christmas collection.

This price does not include the personalised name 

Please note, no bauble is the same. Each bauble is unique in their own way.